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Quantity:  10 pcs   Weight: app 83.2g
Each Size: app 42mm (L) for each Soaker; app20mm(DIA)
Box Size:125mm(H); 74mm(DIA)
100% Brand new,high quality! Acetone Resistant!
Use for Artifical Nail Removal
UV Tanning Bed Protection or with Vitamin E,Citrus Oils Tea Tree Oil,Nail Whiteners Fungus Treatments,Culticle Treatments,Manicure Lotions,Nail Nutrients and Sterilization Treatments.
Instructions:For artifficial nail removal.Trim excess nail.Carefully pour pure acetone to top of clear container(for easy access,use a dropper or funnel).Carefully insert fingernail into liquid chamber by twisting.To release any pressure and avoid spillage during insertion,slightly squeeze to allow air to escape.Leave nail soaking 5 to 10 minutes to allow acetone to melt the artifficial nail material,then using a rotary motion,use inner scraper to remove layers of artifficial nail.
As a manicure treatment,fill with any desired soaking liquid.Clean after each use.

Do not use near flame sources.Acetone is highly flammable.Keep out reach of children.

Package Included:
10 x polish removers


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