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100% Brand New & High Quality.
Skin cells, reduce wrinkles, tender skin, bright color.
Introduction to penetrate the skin care products, from about 10% to more than 60%.
Makes the subcutaneous tissue movement, activation of cells, reduce puffiness of the face, smooth tissue congestion, inhibition of dark mark formation, removal.
Import skin care products is enhanced absorption and accelerating diffusion.
Improvement of microcirculation, inhibiting facial varicose, improve dry skin and skin aging lines, waste, detox.
Each massage works up to 15 minutes and then device is turned off automatically.
Three level energy output(weak,medium,strong).
Two output options availlable (continuous waves and pulse waves)
Removing wrinkles, black spots, acne, fatA necessary beauty equipment for men and women, young and old.
Frequency: 1 mhz.
Voltage: 110V–220V.
Weight: 276g
Treatment area: Facial, body
Package included:  
1x Ultrasonic Massager
1x AC Cable

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