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Use together with nail polish glue,this clear UV bubbles snake veins top coat gel can be used on natural nails and false nails to provide a fantastic natural bubbles or snake veins look for your nails.

Item Type: UV Bubbles Snake Veins Top Coat Gel
Color: Clear
Quantity: 1Pcs
Weight:About 10g

Package Include:
1 X UV Bubbles Snake Veins Top Coat Gel

1.Apply a thin coat of UV bubbles snake veins gel in the center of the nail by a brush just like polish application.
2.Place the nails under the UV light for a full 1 minutes to completely cure the gel. Repeat it again.
3.Apply a thin nail polish glue, then drip the UV bubbles snake veins gel by point drill pen on the surface of your nails, cure for 1 minutes.
4.Apply a thin coat of gel, cure for 3 minutes.
5.Clean the nails with a lint-free nail wipe saturated with the cleanser to remove the sticky uncured layer.

1.Tiny craters will cause if not enough gel left on the nail plate to allow for shrinkage during cure.
2.Do not over-work the gel as this will result in air bubbles or an uneven cure.
3.Leave a tiny margin all around the cuticle and sidewall line.

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