The best 3D High Definition Waterproof Temporary Eyes Tattoo Sticker Designs


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Easy to apply for user.
It contain vivid and exquisite eyes pattern.
The unique Eyes Tattoo Sticker is charming.
Item type: Eyes Tattoo Sticker
Size: 153*108mm
Weigh: About 20g
Quantity: 1 Sheet

Package Included:
1 X Sheet Tattoo Sticker

How to use:
1.Cut out Transfer Tattoo Sticker and remove the clear sheet.
2.Place tattoo face down on skin.
3.Wet the Transfer Tattoo Sticker thoroughly with a sponge.
4.After 20-30 seconds,gently remove the backing paper.
5.Allow the Transfer Tattoo Sticker to air dry.
Clean the area before you apply tattoo on it when the water dries out.
It is helpful for increasing the quality for persistence.

Does not touch the water within two hours after pasting Eyes Tattoo Sticker.
Avoiding to rub the Eyes Tattoo Sticker.
High temperatures can affect the viscosity of stickers.

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