The best 3pcs Nail Art Base Coat Oil Gloss Oil Softener Nourish Oil Nail Care


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Softener nourish oil:
Nourishes the nail and softens cuticle.
Irrigate nail and the skin around it.

Base coat:
Used to smoothen brighten and preserve nail,adding CA. on the nail,lustering the nail.

Nourishment oil:
Unique essential oil irrigate nail and the skin around it.Make skin more greasy and much brighter.

Color: As picture
Weight: about 156g

Package included:
1xBase caot
1xNourishment oil
1xSoftener nourish oil

1. Apply the Softener before removing the dead skin.
2. Apply the Nutritional Oils after removing the dead skin.
3. Apply the Base Coat before painting the nail polish.


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