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Main components: collagen, amino acids moisturizing factor, glycerin, natural fruit acids, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid.
Physical Appearance: Milky white translucent, protein mellow, film weight: 6g ± 5g
Appropriate range: dry, dull, lip lines, water
Major role: Run Red smooth, dry repair, cell regeneration

Store method:
Please flat in a cool dry place, avoid heat or sunlight, it is recommended refrigeration, better use of time; non-frozen at 0 degrees

1. To remove dead skin, so that to restore smooth Gentle lips;
2. A strong lock waterto keep moisturizing effect.
3. Added collagen, fill the lips fine lines to plump, beautifying effect;
4. Effective against ultraviolet light, to keep lips moist and avoid accelerated aging lips, resulting in dull, fine lines phenomenon;

time : 20-30 minutes is ok.
Then gently massage to make it easier to penetrate the essence of the elements.
Use 2-3 times a week, those who need and can use every day

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