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The so-called concentracte is pure natural plant directly from the therapy. The effect of high purity liquid, are all concentrated essence of maternal, absorb the heavens and the earth. The essence of all things, there are "plant gold" of reputation. 100% concentrate expert, the introduction of foreign technology, the pure natural plant extraction, the effect is other nutritional skin care twenty – 25 times, safe, natural, no added! Gently wipe a wipe, miracle appeared immediately!
Product Efficacy:
Efficient antioxidant – Effective removal of skin aging caused by radicals, resist from skin aging.
Repair skin – Repair UV damage, improve skin tolerance to ultraviolet light, protecting skin from UV damage.
Condition: 100% brand new
Color: Clear
Net: 10ml
Weight: about 23g
1. fter washing the face, scoop proper quantity in the dirst step of skin care.
2. Apply it on overall face as if covering it according to the skin rexture, and tap it softly to be absorbed.
Package Included:
1 bottle x Concentrated Essences
1 x Applicator

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