The best Demejine Moisture Whitening Day Cream Makeup Cosmetic


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An indispensable product in the Demejine whitening range,it helps to lend immediate radiance to the skin.Brimming with botanlcal active ingredients,it can promote a visibly brighter,more lumlnous complexion with continued use.Highly concentrated yet divinely lightweight;a small amount will suffice for the entire face.
Efficient treatment cream which gradually fades-out Age spots,brown skin marks,dark pigmentation sopts,Freckies,uneven skin tones,rich in active ingredients to level out skin tones,to moisture epidermis and to protect it from environmental influences.Regularly used,this cream gives an even and velvety skin tone.

Color: As picture
Net: 20ml
Ttoal Weight: app 74g

Package included:
1 x Day cream

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