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Containing extracts of Golden Osmanthus,this eye mask not only can effectively eliminate the dark circles,eye bags and dropsy around your eys, but also can anti-wrinkle, and moisturize skin of your eyes.

Item Type: Eye Mask
Material: Golden Osmanthus extracts,Oat protein, Deionized water, Hyaluronic acid, etc
Efficacy: Eliminating Dark Circle & Removing eye bags & Hydrating & Anti-Wrinkle
Skin Type: Dry skin
Net Weight: 150g
Quantity: 60Pcs
Packing: Bottle

1. Clean your eyes.
2. Apply the mask around your eyes. Smooth the mask by gently pressing the mask to ensure good contact with your eyes.
3.After 15~20 min, take down the eye mask from your eyes, then massage your eyes to help your eyes absorb the nutrients of the mask.
4. Use the mask 3-4 times a week for best result.

Package Include:
1 X  Bottle Eye Mask (60Pcs )

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