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Brand new and high quality.
This professional super glue gel for sticking false nail tips and nail art decoration.
Speeds up nail growth while strengthening.
Stops splits, chips, and cracks.
Nail growth oil not a lacquer.
This is for you if you have weak under nourished nails that split, chip and crack.
This will give give you stronger, longer nails nourished with vitamins, rapidly and nauturally.
To use simply brush on nails once daily. May be used on top of nail polish.
Size:7.5cm x 2.9cm x 2.9cm – 2.95inch x 1.14inch x 1.14inch.

Package included:
1 x Nail Cuticle Nourishment Treatment Oil

Note: The brand may be different from the picture, please consider twice before make purchase for it.

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