The best ROLANJONA Hair Removal Cream Moderate Depilatory Repair Emulsion Suit


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Natural plant formula, mild or exciting, fresh and not greasy touch.
Nourish the skin, relieve chapped skin and itching, restore skin health.
Protect skin from UV rays and pollution damage, reduce scar with pigment precipitation, accelerate wound healing.
Easy scraping,  farewell body hair troubles, simple and quick.

Item Type: Hair Removal Cream Suit
Function Characteristics: Painless, allergy, quick
Hair Removal Parts: Face, back and arms, arms, bikini, legs, armpits, genitals
Purpose: Hair Removal + Repair the pores
Suitable Skin Types: All kinds of skin
Net Content: 80 g + 45 g
Shelf Life: 3 years

Package Included:
1 X Hair Removal Cream
1 X Repair Emulsion

First, please spread the cream on your skin and apply evenly with spatula, after 5-10 minutes , remove the hair out off your body,and then clean your body by water.

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