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Choose nail sticker with an appropriate size.
Tear the transparent protective layer out to get the nail stickers.
Align the curved edge of the nail stickers with the heel side of the fingernail.
Push the nail sticker from the inside radically out to the edge and scrape it.
Files off the needless nail sticker along with the edge of the fingernail.
To ensure a long lasting effect, apply with UV Topcoat
HIGHLY FLEXIBLE materials Self-adhesive NO need to heat
Please apply topcoat for long lasting!

Reference Size: you can cut it to suit your nail size.
                             app1.9cm(L) x app1.3cm(W)  the biggest
                             app1.2cm(L) x app0.8cm(W)  the smallest
Style:  many styles, you can select the one you like.
Weight: app 6g each sheet

Package included:
1 sheet Nail Stickers (12 stickers)


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