The best UV Gel Clear Color Nail Art UV Builder Gel


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To create a protective layer, strengthen your own natural nails, promoting longer and stronger nails which don’t split or peel.
Can be used on natural nails and false nails
Provides a fantastic natural look for your nails
Perfect for home use or professional use

100% Brand new in Retail Packaging
Net: 1/2 oz
Weight: app 27g

How to use:
Buff nail / nail tip. Clean and dehydrate nail with Nail Prep.
Apply a very thin layer of Bonder or Natural Nail Primer if needed
Apply Builder Gel and cure for 3 minutes. Apply additional coats if desired.
Place the nails under the UV light for a full 3 minutes to completely cure the gel
Apply a second coating of gel and cure for 3 minutes
Clean the nails with a lint-free nail wipe saturated with the cleanser to remove the sticky uncured layer

Package included:
1xClear color uv gel

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