The best Waterproof Temporary Wolf Head Body Tattoo Sticker Body Graphic Tattoo


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Item Type: Body Tattoo Stickers
Color: Red-black
Dimension: 8 cm x 12cm
Quantity: 1Sheet
Weight: About 20g

Package Included:
1 Sheet  Body Tattoo Stickers

1.Cut out Transfer Tattoo Sticker and remove the clear sheet
2.Place tattoo face down on skin
3.Wet the Transfer Tattoo Sticker  thoroughly with a sponge
4.After 30-50 seconds,gently remove the backing paper
5.Allow the Transfer Tattoo Sticker to air dry

1 Does not touch the water in the paste for two hours, otherwise it will affect the durability of tattoo stickers.
2 Posted the day after bathing, try not to rub the site posted.
3 Bath time not too long, high temperature will affect the firmness stickers.

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