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Bottle Size: app 17cm(height) X 9.5cm(width)
Color: golden blonde ,golgen burgandy, dark blonde  (3 colors for choose,select you favorite color pls)
Weight: app 294g
1. Hair Coloring liquid No. 1 40ml
2. Hair Color developer No. 2 60ml
3.Dye hair segregation frost 5ml
4.Hair color pour mask 15ml
5. Shampoo  15ml
6. Gloves
7.Dyeing hat
8. Shawl
9.Instruction manual
Mix the two liquids.
Close the cap and shake the cup (upside down) for five times or more
Press some Bubbles on your palms and put the bubbles on DRY hair evenly
Don't press the bubbles directly to your hair
Check carefully whether the bubbles have evenly covered all your hair (including the root of the hair)
Wait for 20-30 minutes (The dyeing time is according to the hair coloring condition ,if your hair is more thick or the teperature is lower,suggest you extend the dyeing time.)
Rinse off, then use the pour mask ,massage foe 3-5 minutes, rinse off with warn waterand drying your hair.
This product can be use once only ,pls don't retain the mix liquid and use in repeatly.
Do not use this product to dye the eyebrows and eyelashes
 Please wear the gloves when dyeing
If have the following situation, pls don't use the hair color
1.Had allergic  reaction to hair color
2.Sensitive scalp or itchy scalp/wounded ect.
3.Tattooing (will increaing the allergy chance)

Package included:
1 bottle bubble hair color (pick your color)

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